Port Metro Vancouver Delivers Record Breaking 2010

Port Metro Vancouver has released its 2010 year-end results. In a busy year for Canada's Pacific Gateway, Port Metro Vancouver achieved record-breaking volumes in key sectors and a total tonnage increase of 16 per cent, delivering 118.4 million tonnes overall on the year. The 2010 year-end report shows that container traffic set an all time record in total containers handled. Overall export volumes were further strengthened by record setting coal and grain volumes.

Total foreign tonnage increased 18 per cent, to 93.3 million tonnes, with increased foreign exports to growing Asian economies continuing to lead the way. Total domestic tonnage also increased, to 25.1 million tonnes, up 10 per cent over 2009.

Signs of growth: Key Sectors

  • Auto - volumes remained stable, shifting down slightly by one per cent to 381,609 units. The dip follows modest growth in the beginning of the year.
  • Breakbulk - is up 15 per cent overall to 16.8 million tonnes, with a rebound in demand for forest products as a key driver of growth.
  • Bulk - volumes were up 19 per cent, setting a record at 80.3 million tonnes as a result of sustained growth in Asian economies and strong demand for Canadian commodities like coal, grain and potash. In 2010, coal rose 25 per cent and grain rose eight per cent to record-setting levels.
  • Container - traffic at Port Metro Vancouver has set an all time record at 2.5 million TEUs*, up 17 per cent as demand for imported consumer goods continued and container exports returned to Asia with forest products and special crops.

Port Metro Vancouver trades $75 billion in goods annually with more than 160 trading economies, generating across Canada an estimated 129,500 jobs, $6.1 billion in wages, and $10.5 billion in GDP.

Fri, 01/28/2011 - 6:32pm - by Jose